Autoerotique stores electro, techno, house, Dutch house, Dutch-colonial house, rave, rock, rave-rock,
indie-rock and even ska on speed dial and calls them up frequently. Their effortlessly protean, shapeshifting
sound can careen wildly from project to project, so it’s not unexpected to hear them transform
from Dutch house to, say, Norwegian black metal on the same record – thus, earning them the lazily au
courant nick name “Autobots” (currently TM’d by Hasbro so don’t pass it on!).

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The ambiguously great duo’s Keith Robertson & David “Dave” Henderson were homegrown and shiftedinto-
shape within the multi-culti bustle of Toronto’s west end. Cutting their collective teeth as indie band
producers they hop-scotched over to dance music after receiving a marijuana-lubricated epiphany to
Groove Armanda’s first album at the tenderized age of 17—only to be swallowed whole by the city’s
burgeoning dance scene.
After toiling as producers for EMI during 2008, these working class heroes took a much-deserved
personal break and like Martin & Lewis, Simon & Garfunkel, The Captain & Tannille etc. before them,
steered their separate courses and architected their respective solo projects (Keith’s being a sorta
electro-house-ish EP, & Dave’s an almost terrifyingly intense prog-opera set in rural Bosnia on the eve of
WW1). It wasn’t until late 2008 when the group reunited putting all other projects conveniently aside.
Returning in early 2009 and signing with Dim Mak Records, the duo streaked like a tracer bullet through
the strobe-lit sky of the T.O. dance community with their official first single Gladiator featuring remixes by
Aoki/AM, Klever, Larry Tee/Alexander Technique, The Faint, AC Slater & Milano. That has since been
followed up in 2010 by two hit singles, “Bubonic” in May ‘09 and “K*M*A*,” a collaboration track with
producer SonicC that same September.
Along the way, Autoerotique has showed off the many colourful arrows in their musical quiver releasing
remixes for Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Lykke Li, Shinichi Osawa, Chris Cornell & Timbaland, Diplo &
Laidback luke, Larry Tee, B. Rich, Disco Bisquits, Sarah McLeod, The Only, AC Slater, Fischerspooner
and Weezer.
They can currently now be found promoting their hit debut EP, Freak, which will includes the viral smash
“Turn Up The Volume” and it’s now infamous “cake’splosion”.