Frank Nastri

Frank Nastri

Exclusive for Austria


Falling passionately in love with music, Frank leaves for South America and Africa to explore the world of ethnic and tribal sounds. Life and the natives become his teacher in music, from Latin America to Capoverde, from South Africa to Algeria.

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In these places he learns to filtyer his music and his knowledge of music technology through his heart. In these places his years of jazz, fusion and experimental music and his heart all become one. This experience and his love for Joe Zawinul & Wheater Report, Pat Metheny Group, and many other artists contribute to development of his own musical style and character.

When Frank performs, the intensity of the music and lights transforms the show into one great tribal dance. It’s a magical ritual which Frank mediates by cleverly joining the strenght of percussion and wizard of thecnology.

His talen in getting everybody up and dancing in his shows has made Frank one of the best Live Performer around, as well as one of the most favourite acts in the trendiest venues in Europe. He’s played along side the best european pop-dance and funk artist, as well as with top DJs like Claudio Coccoluto, Giancarlino from GOA, Jestofunk, Morales, Mouss T, Moz.Art. …