Sebastien B. Benett

Sebastien B. Benett

Exclusive for Austria


In 2006, Sebastien Benett is revealed through a web radio and created his own podcast ’’House From Ibiza‘’. There was such a craze over it that it quickly reached the top most downloaded podcasts around the world, establishing Sebastien as a reference for the electronic scene.

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By public demand, he launched his official parties “House from Ibiza”. On each of these events, thousands of people come to see him on stage performing live. He dares to impose his unique pop rock electro style, his true musical signature. The public is under the charm and ask for more.

In 2007, after releasing several singles and remix under several labels. He finally signed at the end of 2008 “Dancin” with Serial Records, followed in 2009 by his single “Weekend” featuring Craig Smart with M6 Interactions. In 2010, he started his own label HFI RECORDS under which he produces tracks like “What’z goin’on”. Sebastien also remix prestigious artists such as Laurent Wolf, Rinocerose, Joachim Garraud, Nirvana…

Dj or Rockstar?

His love for music comes from playing drums, when he was younger he used to tour in pubs and bars with his band. It may be one of the reasons that his live sessions look like true concerts. Behind turntables, Sebastien’s charisma and energy make it for a real show.

Show man, he has seduced thousands of fans around the world. Sebastien is an accomplished artist as he knows how to impose his unique and easy to identify electronic sound. Combining mix and production, he now knows a growing success.